At times patients may find that a regular medication they have been taking has suddenly been discontinued. This can be due to a number safety risks, manufacturing problems, or often just as simple as a decrease in product sales. This can sometimes cause distress, particularly if it is a medication that is highly depended on.

At Manly Village Pharmacy, we have the resources to compound these medications provided that the raw ingredients can be sourced.

Examples of discontinued medicines in Australia:

* Trimethoprim 40mg/5ml Sulfamethoxazole 200mg/ml Suspension (Bactrim Suspension)

* Ergotamine 1mg/Caffeine 100mg Capsules (Cafergot)

* Erythromycin 2% Gel (Eryacne Gel)

* Hydrocortisone 1% Clioquinol 1% Cream (Hydroform Cream)

* Podophyllin 20% Saliyclic acid 25% Ointment (Posalfliin Ointment)

Note: Some medicines will still require a valid doctor’s prescription.