What is sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a condition where breathing stops for 10 seconds or more while you sleep. There are many types of sleep apnoea including obstructive and central. Obstructive sleep apnoea is easily treated by our trained consultants using a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

It is important once diagnosed to use your CPAP machine every night. There are many health risks associated with sleep apnoea including a 10 fold risk of having a stroke or heart attack, 15 fold risk of having a car accident and a reduction of up to 15 years of life span if left untreated. 

What is AHI?

AHI stands for Apnoea Hypopnoea Index, which measures the number of times in an hour that you stop breathing for more than 10 seconds. This can be due to hypopnea, which is a partial collapse, or apnoea which is up to 90% collapse of the airway.

Your AHI determines the severity of your sleep apnoea:

  • 0-5 Normal
  • 5-15 Mild
  • 15-30 Moderate
  • 30+ Severe

How do you get diagnosed?

The first step to obtaining a diagnosis is to do a simple questionnaire which allows us to work out your Epworth score. Depending on the Epworth score, we will be able to determine whether or not to continue with an at home sleep test. This is a simple test, and your sleep apnoea consultant will set you up with everything you need to go home to conduct the test in the comfort of your own home. Once you return the kit, a microchip will be sent off to a qualified sleep physician who will determine a diagnosis within a detailed report.

Are all CPAP machines noisy and uncomfortable?

The modern and compact CPAP machines we stock are much quieter than previous machines, and make less noise than a generator. We have over 4 masks to choose from in a variety of sizes to cater for every individual. It is also important to note that all masks are compatible with every machine. Once diagnosed, we recommend to hire your preferred machine for one month. In this time period, you are welcome to swap masks to help you find the most comfortable fit.

How much does this all cost?

The cost of the at home sleep test is $99, which includes a detailed report from a sleep physician. 

Most private health care providers cover some of the costs of your CPAP machine, so it is best to check with you own private health care provider to determine how much they are able to cover. When it is time for you to purchase your own CPAP machine, the cost of the month hire will be deducted from the total cost of the machine.

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